Social Media + Advertising + Strategy: Fun2Drive Japan

Fun2Drive is the premier sports car entertainment company in Japan, located 2 hours from Tokyo at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Fun2Drive offer a unique experience where sports car fans from around the world travel to drive world famous Japanese and European sports cars on famous roads that have been featured in worldwide TV, Print, Video Games, Races and more.

Adam travelled to Japan to work with Fun2Drive directly, working to:

  • Better understand the customer marketing journey
  • Create engaging content
  • Facebook + Instagram marketing
  • SEM (Google Adwords)
  • Analytics + Reporting
  • Influencer Outreach + Management
  • Logistics
  • Role Social Media, Digital Strategy
  • For CEO Chikara Yokoyama: Fun2Drive (Japan)
  • Date October – December 2016
  • URL


  • 112% Increase in Web Traffic to the site
  • 2x Uplift in Facebook Advertising CTA
  • Cost Per Click reduced by 50%